Rowena Henrichs & Nudge

Rowena Henrichs

Tech-savvy Wonder Woman & Pet Lover

Hi! I’m Rowena, I am a tech-savvy Wonder Woman who started her IT career in 1993.  We started our first business in 1996 supporting small businesses and non-profits with IT, Web design and online services.  And a bit of a fact and figures nerd.

In 2004 we decided to pack up the car and trailer and hit the road and travel and work. We spent 10 years on the road travelling Australia as Digital – Remote Workers.

I have lived and worked with chronic illness for 20+ years, and decided a few years ago to have an Assistance Dog. I am owner-training Nudge, which includes lots of research to understanding what is required for me to train him. Over the last few years, I have learnt many things from training techniques, products reviews and tips on how to cope with physical limitations. You can read more of our story here

I am a cat lover at heart without a cat! Our son decided he wanted a dog and decided that if I was training one I could train 2. Meet Rita, a rescue pup who is 4 weeks older than Nudge, and joined our family at the same time we collected Nudge. Training 2 pups had some challenges and always fun.

Nudge, Chocolate Labrador assistance dog

Nudge – Assistance Dog

Nudge is a 50kg (110lbs) Chocolate (American & English Mix)  Labrador

Nudge is being trained as an Assistance / Service Dog in Brisbane Australia.
Visit his training blog Adventures of Nudge & Rita.

As a product tester:
Nudge has an intense retrieve drive, is sensitive and loves to please.

Rita the Americian Staffy x - sitting on grass

Rita – Rescue Pup

Rita is a 25kg (55lbs) Staffy X (mother American Staffy)

We rescued Rita when she was 3 months, her mother was handed in while pregnant.

As a product tester:
Rita is a determined escape artist and chewer.
She is very intelligent, inquisitive and independent.

Rowena in wheelchair & Nudge
Rowena & Nudge
Rita & Nudge
Nudge & Rita
Rita & Nudge