1972 Dog Owners Study Still Relevant

Crate as a Dog Home

**Please Note Crate Safety

Supervise your pet while they are in the crate, until they are crate trained (calm and not attempting to escape). Remove collar and any item that could cause injury or choking hazard by getting caught on the crate.

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Danville Advocate Article By HELEN PALMER K9 Corner

Helen Palmer describes a survey conducted by Nicki Meyer in 1972 and how these results are still the opinions of many dog owners 47 years latter. Meyer made these notes:

  • “The average pet dog owner usually regards the dog crate as ‘cruel’.”[1]
    I think this has a lot to do with the media reports of abandoned and neglected dogs. Those images stick with us to cause a negative impact of not letting that happen to our dog.
  • “The proper use of a dog crate by an average pet owner ‘miraculously’ solves most of the common puppy-raising problems in any breed.”[1]
    Many dogs are handed in to the pound and other dog shelters because of behavioral issues, when controlling the behavior with crate training might have stopped it. In the RSPCA Society (Australia) for the 2017-2018 report, 3,229 dog were euthanasia for behavioral problems compared to 1,184 dogs for medical issues.
  • “Convincing a pet owner to use a crate provides a breeder or other dog authority with a golden opportunity for education.” [1]
    Also as the pet owner you learn about control and training your dog while building a relationship.

Once you have introduced the dog crate and slowly trained the dog / puppy to accept. The crate benefits listed by the pet owners in the 1972 survey are still the same today.
1) Safety & security of dog,
2) Peace of mind for the owner,
3) Aid to housebreaking,
4) General control & training,
5) Controls dog in car,
6) Makes traveling & visiting with dog much easier. [1]

Using a dog crate is a useful tool for you and your dog. However misuse of a dog crate through confining your dog for extended time will result in your dog not liking their crate.

[1] https://www.amnews.com/2019/06/25/study-shows-dogs-can-see-a-crate-as-home/

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