The Ultimate Guide To Dog Crates & Sizes

Pet Crates, cages, kennels and aquariums provide safety.
Add accessories to create a comfortable space to suit your pet.

12 most popular Pets are

6 out of 10 pet owners considered their pets to be family members

Dog running

1. Dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in many countries.

20 dogs for every 100 people in Australia

4. Fish

Fish are kept in an aquarium or garden pond for pleasure and comfort.

Fish are most popular in America – 57,750 fish for every 1,000 households

Bird in cage

7. Birds

Birds are very distinctive animals that are admired for their beauty and songs.

Birds are Brazil’s most popular pet – 191,001,000 are kept as pets


10. Iguanas

Iguanas are happy and sensitive reptiles.

1,119 lizards for every 1,000 households in America

Sitting cat

2. Cats

Cats are lovely animals that make cuddly, sweet and cute pets.

16 cats for every 100 people in Australia


5. Mice

Mice are small adorable pets that are regarded as intelligent.

Mice are the 5th most popular pets in the world


8. Snakes

Snakes are fascinating animals that need to be treated with respect.

1,150 snakes for every 1,000 households in America


11. Ferrets

Ferrets are fun and easy to be cared for.

748 ferrets for every 1,000 households in America

3. Hamsters

Hamsters are a small, cute animal that are popular pets.

887 hamsters for 1,000 families in America

6. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are docile animals that are friendly and affectionate.

1,362 guinea pigs for every 1,000 households in America

pet tortoise

9. Tortoise

A tortoise has complex moods and needs, is adventurous, fearless, and an iron will.

2,297 tortoise for every 1,000 households in America


12. Bunnies

Bunnies are cute, clean and quiet animals .

800,000 domestic rabbits are kept as pets in world

Pet Crates

Your Pets Own Space

Protection of your belongings and safety of your pet when you leave them alone are very common concerns.

Letting your pet have the run of the house when you leave can increase your stress worrying over their activities.

Owing a pet comes with the responsibility of caring for them and providing them with a safe and comfortable space.

How you setup this space will depend on your pets needs, habitat, location and age.

Crates, cages, kennels and aquariums provide safety and with accessories to suit become a comfortable space.

Destructive puppy


Benefits of Pet Crates

Using a crate or cage has certain advantages for both you and your pet.

Safety and Security

It’s their own little place of security. A pet learns to view their crate as their special place where they can get away from it all and be alone when they desire. A place where you can confine them to keep them safe.

Proper Habitat 

Your pet has certain biological needs and it is easier to setup a specific space to meet those needs. Enough space to wander and to set up territories, food, water, temperature, toys and security zones.

Protecting possessions

Having chew toys in the crate helps your pet learn what they can and cannot chew. Protecting your shoes, furniture and other possessions when you can’t keep an eye on your furry little chewing machine.

Travelling safety

Whether by road or by air, a crate or special container is a very useful tool to confine your pet safely. A comfortable and familiar crate can reduces the stress they feel while travelling.


Take advantage of your pets instincts to keep their space nice and clean. By providing a separate toilet area they will do their best not to soil where they live and sleep.

Boarding and vets

If there’s ever a time you need to board your pet the ordeal will be far less traumatic if they’re already accustomed to their travelling container.

a calm retreat

Extra care is required for your pet’s comfort and well-being if you have other pets or children in the home. Provide enough space in a peaceful location.

reducing stress

Your pet may be shy or territorial, and needs to feel in control of its private space. Without a place to hide, they may suffer unnecessary anxiety.